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Best Quotes on Love:

Hello guys in this article I will  post you the best quotes for love who are searching for love quotes this is the correct place to choose your quotation in your mood.

1.I don’t want to ask anyone about my loved one…..because she trust me and I also trust her madly.
2.I never expect anything from you because you are everything for me.
3.You are the second most beautiful thing in the world… the first one is finding you.
4.You have a special place, it has no delete’s called my heart.
5. Angel I am waiting for your message, not for last seen.
6.True love is … a tight hug after a fight.
7.I am not with you …but I cannot live without you.
8.A real boyfriend does not see another girl because he saw his eyes only for his girl

9.You are the one and only reason for my life whenever it will end.
10.Never say sorry to me…everyone can do the mistake whatever you were done.
11.Love starts with eyes but never ends with eyes full of tears…love ends with a lot of pain in the heart.
12.In  my dream you are mine.but in my life, you are the dream.
13.You have a special place in my heart…if anytime you would come.
14.My brain starts thinking about you…  but my heart already did it before.
15.I not need too much of love expect from you but I just need a little bit of care from you.
16.The more you thank life,the more life gives you to be thankful for.
17.Sweetest relationship in this world is when you hold the hand of a person and the person walks with you without asking why and where
18.You are in a relationship to be happy,to smile,to laugh and to make good memories.Not to constantly to be upset,to fell hurt and to cry.
19. The person who loves you a lot will always do two things extremely for you. Silent caring and openly hurting to make you perfect.
20.Supporting each other during tough times.
21.When someone loves you they don’t have to say it.You can understand, by the way,they treat you.
22.The best gift you can give to someone is your time because you are giving them something you can never get back.
23.Everybody knows how to love,but only a few people know how to stay in love with one person fro a very long period of time.
24.I am not your heart but I miss you,I am not your family but I care for you,I am not your blood but,I am ready to share you pain why because I love you.
25.Many boys think that girls want money and gifts but,the right girl wants boys love,care,time and loyalty.

26.That feeling when you see that one person and your heart skips a beat.
27.My sad my happy it’s all with you because you are my world and my life.

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